Anyone Who Hates Criticism Is Like An Animal – Kumchacha Replies Otabil

Pastor Mensa Otabil

Founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Nicholas Osei, aka Prophet Kumchacha, has hit back at Mensa Otabil after the latter said some of those insulting him ‘look like insults themselves’.
Kumchacha seems to have taken that personally and has responded with the line that people who hate criticism are like animals.
Kumchacha recently hit out at Otabil following the collapse of Capital Bank, of which he’s a board member. Kumchacha sarcastically asked Otabil how incompetent he had to be to collapse such a small bank when he always hit out at former President Mahama for being incompetent.
On Sunday, Otabil responded to the numerous critiques he has received and minced no words in hitting back.
But Kumchacha in response said Otabil was too arrogant and should learn to accept criticism, which even Bill Gates was able to take.
“Let me tell Otabil that he should learn how to accept criticism from people. He should be humble. Even Bill Gates who is the richest man is humble in his dealings with people. People insult Bill Gates and describe him with all manner of words, yet he continues to show humility.” he said.
He added: “Anybody who hates correction is like an animal as the Bible says at Proverbs and so please I want to tell him to accept advice. He is our father. We can’t criticize him so much but I want him to read the Book of Proverbs.”


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