Nana Tonardo And Afia Schwarzenegger Have Become The Best Of Friends – Photos

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Nana Tonardo & Afia Schwarzenegger

In a likely speed of 0 to 220km/h, Nana Tonardo and Afia Schwarzenegger have become the best of friends Ghanaian Showbiz has ever seen.
The Delay, Tonardo Schwarzenegger drama is developing interesting twists probably like ‘Game Of Thrones‘and you’ll sure wonder who will win this game as it unfolds.

Ever since Tonardo landed ‘ballistic name calling’ on Delay and exposing who the real Delay might be, he quickly became friends with Afia Schwarzenegger who has the same feud with Delay for years now.

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As Deloris aka Delay is trying hard to assume Afia and Tonardo do not exist, the duo have teamed up as best friends often together and throwing subliminal shades to their former Boss.
Tonardo’s friendship with Afia has the same bonding his friendship with Delay had as they united then against Afia.

What to lookout for in the unfolding drama

Are the two using themselves to get back at Delay?
Will the tables change again anytime soon?
Will these three become independent from each other at some time?
Who is wining the game here? Afia, Tonardo or Delay?

See some photos of Tonardo and Afia living as good friends:

Nana Tonardo & Afia Schwarzenegger

Nana Tonardo & Afia Schwarzenegger

They were even in church together, The Day Afia Showcased A New Convertible Car 

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