I Found A Girl Who Can Sing More Than Rihanna But She Rejected My Help Because Of Short Skirt-MzBel

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MzBel says she has found someone in Ghana who can sing better than Rihanna and she was ready to stop doing music and invest in the girl but the person declined her offer.
According to the “16 years” singer, the girl rejected her offer because she saw her (MzBel) as a bad influence who will force her to wear short skirts and do other naughty things in the name of music.

MzBel said the girl thought so because of how the press portrays her, leaving everyone to think she’s that bad.

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Speaking on The Pundits with George Quaye, Stephanie Benson and Celestine Donkor, she said: “I heard this girl, her voice, she sings better than Rihanna, I’m like ok why don’t I stop doing music and invest in this girl“.
She continued that “because I know a few big men out there who will listen to her voice and go crazy but I confronted her and she judged me right away“.
Disappointed MzBel added that this found next pop star didn’t even look at the business side of her approach but gave her a flimsy excuse of already being in a band and she didn’t hear from her again.

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