Citi Fm Full Of Hypocrites Questioning My BOST Contract But Not That Of Their Managing Director – A Plus

A Plus has intensified his war against the Ghanaian media who he has mostly described as ‘fake news’, turning fire on Citi Fm in a now typical rant.
Writing on Facebook, A Plus wondered at the hypocrisy of Citi Fm, one of his favourite targets, for questioning his receipt of a BOST contract and always talking about it whilst remaining mute about a governmental appointment for Managing Director Sammens.
A Plus has been the talk of town the past few weeks over his contract with BOST (Bulk Oil and Storage Company) to transport oil across the country for them. It has been alleged that he makes Ghc 3m monthly from the contract and that a refusal to extend it led to his corruption rant against the two deputy chiefs of staff.
According to the rapper, Citi Fm presenters have been wondering why he has a contract, implying his political connections and not expertise got him the gig. However, they never talk about the fact that their MD was recently appointed CEO of the Coastal Development Authority, presumably for his political connections.
He wrote:

“Citi 97.3 FM, useless station made up of #Gbemi people who only report #Fakenews. You wonder why I have a contract…. Ok I hear your MD has been appointed CEO of the coastal development authority by the NPP. Why are you not talking about it? Is your MD getting that because he’s friends with people in power? Is that not the same cronyism you were discussing on your station? #Gbemi News!!! Keep promoting me. I’m enjoying it”

Samuel Atta-Mensah, managing director of the Accra based radio station, has made it clear that he’s an NPP supporter in the past. Prior to last year’s election, he told Nii Kpakpo Mensah on ‘Tonight’ that “I support the NPP; I support the NPP, so what? I should be able to support the NPP or the NDC and still give a fair chance to every political party with my media. So that’s who I am. I mean ideologically, I don’t care what whoever says…”
According to the rapper, if his contract is due to his NPP leanings then surely Sammens’ must also be – and Citi are hypocrites for never discussing that but only focusing on his.


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