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How to Watch American Netflix in Ghana


Since Netflix expanded worldwide early last year, Ghanaians have had access to some excellent original content and a range of TV series and movies. However, Netflix ran into a problem. Many series and movies have already been syndicated to local TV here, and they don’t have the rights to broadcast this content.
Of course, there are ways to get around this, and access the full catalogue of shows available in the US and elsewhere.
Here is how to change Netflix to American catalogue.
Use a VPN
A virtual private network (VPN) is basically software that routes your internet connection through a foreign server. Many people use it for security purposes – it blocks hackers and any other surveillance from tracking your online activity. After all, if they don’t know where you are, they can’t identify who you are.
While proxies do the same, VPNs are more popular since they encrypt your data, adding an extra layer of protection from identity theft.
Since this software routes your connection through a server that can be outside of the country – in America, for example – it can trick Netflix into thinking that you’re in the US, and you’ll get access to the full catalogue.
Not long after Netflix expanded, however, they took measures to stop this.
Netflix’s VPN ban
Netflix have spent a lot of money on detecting VPNs and blocking those using these services from streaming. While you would think that VPNs would help them reach more people – and drive subscriptions higher – they do have legal obligations and have to show they’re trying.
And so it became much harder to access American Netflix from Ghana or anywhere else. Since then, Netflix and VPNs have been in a game of cat and mouse, trying to find ways to beat each other’s software improvements.
There are a range of VPNs that can still access Netflix, but you have to do your research first. Generally, these are the VPNs you pay for. They work on a subscription service. You get what you pay for, in terms of superior security and customer service, unlimited bandwidth, and a better chance of getting past Netflix’s block.
It might be a good idea to go for a month-to-month subscription instead of a yearly one, even though the latter may be cheaper. This is because Netflix is continuously improving its systems and becoming better able to detect VPNs. Therefore, those that work this month might not work next month. You don’t want to be trapped into a year’s subscription in that case.
It’s still relatively cheap
Even with the added cost of a VPN, Netflix is still relatively cheap for what you’re getting. They’re creating more and more excellent content, whether TV series or movies, and adding a lot of external content to their US catalogue.
Also, spending on a VPN is a good idea, regardless of whether you want to stream. Cybersecurity is more important than even, and it’s very unwise to go online without first protecting your data.


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