How to Flirt Productively

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How to flirt? To begin with, we recall that there are two sexes on earth: men and women. In this case, a man has more similarity with a lion male than with a woman! Therefore, to understand the girls purely from the experience of communication is the path to nowhere. Fortunately, there are such sciences as biology, psychology, and social dynamics. And there are people who have tried to do this for you.
The main thing you have to know is that women are emotional creatures. That way, convincing a girl logically that she likes you is a bad option. So the most important thing in communicating with the opposite sex is to cause emotions.
The art of flirting by planetofbrides:
1. Be neat and tidy.
For a man, natural beauty is not so important, but to be beautifully dressed, neat and smelling good is a duty! And do not listen to women who say: “We are against metrosexuals.” That is a lie. Believe me, Robert Pattinson goes to cosmetics more than the average lady. How to properly flirt with a girl? Stylish clothes and a hairdress are very much welcomed.
2. Shoes should always be clean.
3. Clothes should be attractive and not very colorful.
4. Voice is the most important part of male flirting. Have you heard how the lion growls? Men who have a beautiful voice have an increased success with women. And this is also true. And it is necessary to be able to talk in a deep (velvety) voice. Fortunately for all of us, the voice can be trained and very quickly. Do not be shy to speak out loud, but do not yell.
5. Instead of being cool and pretentious, be relaxed and friendly! Be always ready to communicate with women.
6. Be playful. When you go into any room or transport – smile! When you are relaxed, making contact is not difficult. Your playfulness will set the right direction and can be a good conversation starter.
7. Eye contact with a girl is part of flirting.
How to flirt with a girl? Always, always when you talk to a woman, look into her eyes. Don’t look away, don’t send weird messages with your eyes or stare too deeply. You don’t want to appear nervous, right? And remember the color of her eyes!
8. Do compliments to the girl unexpectedly. Pull them out of nowhere ( I mean, not without any ground, you just want to do it suddenly and nicely). How to properly flity with a girl? For example, during a conversation, you understand that the girl has beautiful eyebrows. You interrupt the conversation with a compliment: -You know, you have very expressive eyebrows! (Pause) So what were we talking about? And continue the topic or start a new one. It is important to learn how to throw compliments with the same ease as to ask what time is it.
9. Visualization. Say the word “Flirt”. Think about what you associate with this word. Find your image that will enter you into this playful talkative state. Now, when you want to flirt with an attractive person, use this image as a lever that triggers the desired behavior.
10. Be a nice person. I have nothing to add. The most amazing thing you can do is being a sincere, pure and sweet person that will always understand and support.

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