God Will Punish You For Lying About Me – Mzbel Descends On 'Desperate Blogger' Halifax Ansah Addo

Singer Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, aka Mzbel, has descended on newspaper editor Halifax Ansah Addo, claiming he has lied about her in ‘The Publisher’ and that God would punish him for it.
Mzbel herself has admitted to lying to Ghanaians about her relationship with Kofi Amoabeng (claims she was being sarcastic) but someone else lying about her is going to be punished by God?
So God also likes doing ‘looking face’ saa?
Mzbel’s anger stems from a story in Monday’s ‘The Publisher’ newspaper about her saying she lied about having s*x with Kofi Amoabeng. The headline of the newspaper, run by Halifax (famously of News-One), said that ‘Mzbel Fakes S*x with Kofi Amoabeng’.
Mzbel was unhappy with the story and tore into Halifax in a series of posts on her Facebook page.

Not again… People would say bad things about you, because that is the only way their insignificant business can sell but this is becoming too much. Please!
Halifax Ansah Addo, you used my image and lies to promote and sell “News One” paper and now this? The last time we met at Peace FM, you were all apologetic, blaming every harm you’ve ever caused me on perception… You later came over to my event at Bukom to plead with me to feature your artiste on my stage. This is absurd and sometimes I wonder what you people want from me… What do you gain when you boldly lie to tarnish me?

Delay asked me a sarcastic question and I gave her a sarcastic answer but unfortunately, I was misunderstood…. I really don’t get it, what has my relationship with Mr. Amoabeng got to do with anyone…? Is that the cause of the constant rise fuel prices?
Unfortunately, I can’t stop jerks like you from saying bad and untrue things about me but know that there is a G-d and there are consequences for telling lies and misquoting others… Rainbow Radio has the full audio of my interview online and I never said any of these things you mentioned. This is sad and I keep wondering if indeed you are a trained journalist or just a desperate blogger. This is offensive and I am very disappointed. Some of your colleagues in the studio with me during the interview had the best and encouraging things to say except you. This is not a noble way to start a new business.” she wrote.

Mzbel also called Halifax a ‘jerk’ and a ‘kojo besia’ in another angry post over the story written about her.
Hmm Belinda — why always you?


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