One Corner Dance Is Foolishness, Madness And Sickness – KKD Descends On Viral Sensation

Style icon Kwesi Kyei Darkwa (KKD) has hit out strongly against the ‘One Corner’ dance, describing it as madness and foolishness and a whole lot of other insults.
According to KKD, those who engage in the dance are simply engaging in stupidity with no discernible benefit.
KKD was speaking on Neat Fm and simply could not ‘think far’ over why such a crazy dance has become so popular.
“I think it is foolishness! Certain things happen and nobody is able to speak frankly about it. Tell you what, my sibling of mine will dance to this, and even if any of my family members decide to do this one corner dance, their father or their mother will call and ask are you foolish or you are mad?”. KKD strongly came out against the dance.
“If it is not foolishness then what is it?” he continued his tirade. “If people shake their buttocks and roll on the floor and share on social media and it is not foolishness, then what is it? It is either madness or sickness.
“I think sometimes we should be bold enough to say things just the way they are. I am not saying this out of anger, jealousy or with any hard feelings but I insist it is foolishness”. he added.
We think it’s safe to say at this point that we won’t be seeing KKD do the ‘One Corner’ dance anytime soon.


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