Parents Have Removed Their Wards From My School Because I Flew My Family To The US – Kwaku Manu

Kwaku Manu And Family

From what we are reading, the month is not treating Kumawood star, Kwaku Manu very well as he has self-confessed that his school is on the brink of collapse at the back of his travels with his family Abroad.
He says people who live in the school’s environs have made it their daily business to discourage others from enrolling their kids into the school and has further ill-mouthed the parents of the pupils to take their kids out of the school.
According to him, people think he spends the school’s money on his private pleasure and luxury but what if he does, is a man not only suffering to gain?.
What breaks his back according to his narration is the fact that he even used his personal money to have the school’s bus repaired. In an interview with Gh Page, the ‘Choices’ hitmaker said:
“Would you believe that all the people living around whose kids attend my school have removed their wards from the school because I flew my family to the US.?— Thinking I used the school’s money to fund my travel. But will you also believe, the school is even indebted to me? I used my own money (GHC10,000) to repair their bus before I traveled”.
“Meanwhile, though a lot of the parents are owing to the school yet they were even allowed to move to the next term regardless.”
We sincerely wish he soars above all these tribulations.


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