"It Is Difficult Being A Married Man, You May Be Deceived To Cheat"- Pastor Joe Beechem

Pastor Joe Beechem

The journey of marriage is not one that is short—it is a lifetime commitment and it takes two people with enough strength and the will to make it a smooth one.
Pastor Joe Beechem has in an interview with Hello FM revealed how difficult is it to combine marriage, music and ministry.
Being married for the past sixteen years, the man of God has self-confessed that it is not easy to be a married man. He said if the family has problems, the church does not progress too, adding that one could easily be tempted to cheat on their wife.
“I started music in the year 1998, it has been very tough, ever since I started gospel music, life hasn’t been the same, and it constitutes happiness, disappointments and so much more.
“Combining Ministry and music with family only takes the grace of God to steer and manage it. You should know how to plan and strategize on how to take up all the three in order not to offend one side. Family comes before anything else,” he added.
“If the family has problems the church can never rise. It’s never easy to be a married man, you might be deceived into sleeping outside your matrimonial bed and know you will definitely come back to your wife.
“The family or a home should be peaceful and united in order for your members to have a good and honourable path to follow. Pastors sometimes go wayward and it’s up to the pastor to know whether his actions serves him right”. Beechem said.


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