Khebab Seller Caused Atomic Explosion And Owner Of The Gas Station Has Been Apprehended, 6 Reported Dead – Video

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A Table Top Shop At The Disaster Spot

Ghana nearly witnessed a fatal catastrophe yesterday when a Gas Station at Atomic Junction exploded into a gigantic fireball.
Reports from the grounds this morning by Broadcaster, Kojo Yankson indicates that the explosion was caused by a Khebab seller who operates just across the street of the Gas station.

It is said that one of the Gas tanks at the Station has been leaking and the smell was hovering around the place forcing workers to evacuate the premises but later the Kheleb seller going about his business lit a fire which turned the Gas into flames.

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From one of the videos below, the Police has also been captured as they picked up the owner of the Gas Station.
6 people are reportedly dead and others injured out of a stampede in the quest of survival from the danger.

Details narrated in the videos below shared by Kojo Yankson. 

The Police Picks Up The Gas Station Owner – Watch 

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