Being A Lesbian Does Not Make You A Bad Person Or Not Righteous — Says Vicky Zugah

Come over here to check out some pretty progressive views from actress Vicky Zugah, whose views on lesbianism are much more liberal than majority of this country.
Zugah says personally she sees nothing wrong with being a lesbian and indulging in it doesn’t make one a bad person.
Zugah made it clear that she does not want to be a lesbian and that Christianity frowns on it, but she says that doesn’t mean she’s against it if someone else decides to do it.
“God created men for female and female for men and as long as I’m the daughter of God and believe in the Bible, there is no way I’ll be a lesbian.” she said.
“But I’m not against lesbianism or anything…, it’s my personal choice that I don’t want it. It doesn’t also mean anybody who does it is bad or not righteous.”
She added: : “I see nothing wrong with lesbianism. It’s a personal choice for those who choose to do it.”
Zugah, who has complained of facing domestic violence abuse in most of her past relationships, says that also doesn’t mean that she won’t date other men if the opportunity ever arises.


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