"All The 3 Guys I Dated In 4 Years Abused Me Verbally, Emotionally And Physically"- Vicky Zugah

Actress and mother of two, Vicky Zugah says all three men she dated were abusive. According to her, they abused her verbally, emotionally and physically.
In an interview with ZionFelix on the Celebrity Ride, she disclosed that though she forgives them anytime they were abusive, they end up committing same whenever they feel like it and it has nothing with her cheating on them as people want to believe.
She emphasised that she never cheated on any of them because they actually were doing all the cheating on.
“All the 3 guys I dated in 4 years abused me verbally, emotionally and physically. In fact, they were never merciful to me at all because they failed to treat me like a woman. I have resolved that any man who beats me once and I forgive him and he repeats it, marks the end of the relationship. If he sees me in a new relationship it marks the end of the relationship.” she said.
“They know in their hearts they abused me. I was not cheating, they were the persons I caught cheating and after forgiving them, they repeated it.” she added.


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