KSM — The Name 'Feminist' Limits The Equal Rights Movement And Should Be Changed

Kwaku Sintim-Misa

The never ending debate over the feminist movement in Ghana continues, with legendary satirist KSM adding his voice.
There is no question that many share in the ideals of feminism, men and women alike: but when a certain toxicity is attached to the movement, to wit tear down the man to elevate the woman, it turns many people off and doesn’t really advance the agenda.
KSM has noticed this and calls for feminists to consider changing their approach in a post on Facebook.
According to him, even the name ‘feminist’ limits the movement by casting it as a purely female agenda when what they preach should actually be a humanist agenda.
In his laudable post, Kwaku Sintim Misa first explains the laudable goals of feminism, which he believes most people should share in, ending with a call for change in strategy. He also calls out men who misunderstand the movement or are threatened by it.
Read his post below…
If there is one word that sends shivers DOWN the spine of men, it’s the word FEMINIST. Jeez! It’s amazing how some men react to that word. It brings out such levels of anger and hostility that confounds me.
i talked to a few men about what they found so disgusting about women who call themselves FEMINISTS:
OH BOY– There were so many; Here are just three of the reasons:

1. “They are LESBIANS:”
Really? Do you know that there are some married women who are not feminists, and who come across as “happily married”, but at the same time are in secret lesbian relationships? Yep. Very shocking but very true. This is not to suggest that the practice is wide scale. This is just to caution some men,that lesbianism has no direct link to being a feminist. There are some Non-feminist Lesbians.Lets not analyze the world through simplistic lenses. Its a very complex world. What you see may not be what you get.
Really? So, what exactly is the problem with that? Aren’t there frustrated MIDDLE CLASS MEN? Is it that Middle Class Women have no right to be frustrated? Frustration spreads through the entire spectrum of humanity. I know of frustrated teenagers, frustrated politicians, frustrated doctors, frustrated journalists etc. My question is what makes the frustration of Middle Class women so annoying.
This question led to the third reason.
3. “They are not SUBMISSIVE”.
Really? I checked the meaning of submissive: It is “docile and obedient.” Hahahahahaha. Folks, I do not even want my children to be DOCILE. A docile person lacks initiative, a docile person has no drive, a docile person does whatever they are told to do. I AM GLAD MY WIFE IS NOT DOCILE! Who wants a docile wife?
Many of us take this “SUBMISSIVE DISTIN” too far. Every couple should have MUTUAL LOVE AND RESPECT for each other. The foundation OF SUCCESS in ANY MARRIAGE is mutual respect, love, honesty, understanding and communication. If these factors are not there, the marriage is on the rocks even if she is submissive.
By the way, this “FEMINIST DISTIN” goes beyond marriage. Its about making sure that we impart the same values to our kids, male and female. Both boys and girls should grow up learning HUMAN VALUES and not the society-prescribed gender biased views.
Actually, the word FEMINIST is very limiting. It makes this very important crusade look like a purely FEMALE agenda. Of course men will find that scary and that explains our hostility.
Lets change the name. From now on LETS call it “NOUVEAU-HUMANIST MOVEMENT” We men will joinblank?blank?blank?blank?


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