Nana Abena Korkor, Bipolar and the Tall List of Cheap Men Who Allegedly Slept With Her–KOD, Kojo Yankson, Sammy Awuku and Others

A girl is bipolar; let’s grant that.
She smuggled drug into the United States and was arrested and incarcerated for 18 months. This is criminal and has nothing to do with her condition. Bipolar is not an unending insanity where at all times you cannot distinguish between what’s right and wrong.
Same girl sleeps around with a tall list of “cheap men” who obviously saw her provocative videos and wanted a bite–that’s not criminal but has nothing to do with bipolar! 
The girl has an episode (which is not even established yet) and lists the names of those men who slept with her and people say because she has a bipolar she should not be taken seriously in this regard.
With all the people in the world: how come only those names were mentioned? Did she mention Mark Zuckerberg’s name, Bishop Obinim or even mine?
If the United States court did not find her insane, and threw her into jail at the time of committing an offence, what makes anyone thinks that when she was sleeping with these people she was insane?
Nana Korkor is not permanently insane: she is normal most times. It’s when the disorder sets in that she can be said to be “insane” during that period.
Therefore, not everything she does or say ought to be disregarded or discredited. I don’t doubt that those names really had something to do with her, based on balance of probabilities and available public information about these people.
And the names are: Kojo Yankson of Joy Fm, Giovanni Calab of Starr Fm, FlashKick (Jasmine Boroudi’s boyfriend), KOD, Sammy Awuku and others! 
I know a happily married “bipolar” woman! You think she cannot distinguish her husband from everyone else even if she has an episode? 
Abena “was” a Teaching Assistant at the University for Christ sake–stop the she is “MAD” nonsense as if she’s always “MAD” 
–Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri


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