Why Are People Against Bleaching But Use Online Filters To Lighten Their Skin – Kafui Danku Asks

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Kafui Danku

Kafui Danku has waded into the bleaching debate with a question that she hopes you can find an answer for her.
This comes at the back of the Nivea brouhaha ignited by Fuse ODG which has been criticised as cowardice by the likes of Chris-Vincent and some few others.

Kafui Danku in 2014 was crowned the face of a Pageantry Show dubbed ‘Miss Fair & White’ which was reportedly an initiative surrounding a Beauty Product “Fair and White Gold“,  which is made to tone and protect the skin from the direct sun rays.
Kafui Danku – Miss Fair & White 2014

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The Actress is therefore not new to this sort of discussion and to some extent, she has brought all that experience to sight in an Instagram post as to why Nivea will make such an advert.
Baby Lorde‘s mother questioned Nivea’s audacity for “the eyesore the message hoards”. She also hinted that using filters online and how people only appreciate melanin or “dark skin girls when they are models glazed in Shea butter and taken through photoshop” is likely the reason why Nivea will bring such product to Ghanaians.

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First it was a Dove campaign, telling us it was making easier to get the job done with a fairer [whiter] skin. Which of course was out of our market. It was a western media advertisement. We thought that was far from home, so we went about, minding our business and now this NIVEA campaign right on our streets. The capital. Highly erected that, it’s almost impossible to not see the eyesore the message hoards. In a country that has predominantly dark people, it is sickening to see there’s a market for such a brand. What I understand by these international brands is that, they have their representatives all over the world. They supply based on demands. They know what a market segment want at any given time. NIVEA won’t risk losing its market by advertising skin whitening lotion on the street of Accra if there’s no market. We are the problem. We only appreciate our melanin and dark skinned girls when they are models glazed in shea butter and taken through photoshop. Apart from that, we don’t think dark skin is beautiful enough. We go through our filters, choosing the very one that makes us light skinned enough for the gram. We complain about skin bleaching, lighting, toning or whatever defacing of the skin that there is but turn to social media filters to choose the filter that goes exactly against everything we stand for. I really want to know this; WHAT IS THE POINT IN WANTING TO BE LIGHT SKINNED ONLINE when you’ll swear you’re against skin bleaching? Answer to this question will help me fill in the blanks. I may be wrong but his is an open invitation to the forum. Let me hear your thoughts.

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