I Met My Wife At 16, Broke Her Virginity At 22 — Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has opened up about his marital life, revealing how he met his wife when she was only 16 and how he first approached her.
Ampaw says he met the woman he later married at age 21 when she was only 16 and had been sent by her mum to buy zomi.
Ampaw was speaking with KSM on ‘Bo Me Nkommo’ and opened up about his wife.
“I identified her when she was 16 and I was 21. I was passing by to Aburi Secondary School when her mother sent her to buy ‘Zomi’. The moment I saw her I was enthralled by her personality such that I couldn’t go to school because I was confused,” he revealed.
Ampaw said he visited her house and luckily their parents knew each other so that helped him.
“I waited for her at Dansoman Junction and when she returned I followed her to meet her mother who luckily happened to be my mother’s friend. Can you imagine, because of love I had to fan the fire. I was so excited the mother accepted me. That day I didn’t go home. I slept over,”
Ampaw added that he later broke her virginity when she was 22 and to this day he’s the only man who has slept with her.
He said, “I was very jealous about her and didn’t want any guy to touch her… so I was the one who broke her virginity at age 22. Up till now, no other man has seen her nakedness apart from me. I’m so proud of her. Even pastors proposed to her but she rejected them because of me.”


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