Misplaced Priorities — Counsellor George Lutterodt Says 'Born One' Women Makes Him Sadder Than 'Anything Else In This World'

Counselor George Lutterodt

Really? Sadder than childhood cancer or birth defects? Sadder than malaria and cholera killing people in 21st century Ghana? Sadder than Smarttys and Ghana @ 50 and all the gazillion corruption scandals in the sad history of this country?
Does Lutterodt know what the word priorities mean?
Lutterodt obsesses with people having s*x and having children out of wedlock, epitomized in his attack on celebrities who he termed ‘Mafa no saa’.
Speaking with Lexis Bill on Joy Fm recently, Lutterodt said seeing single mothers makes him sadder than anything else in this world.
“Anytime I see a born-one woman it breaks my heart and make me sad more than anything else in this world.” Lutterodt said.
“How can you have a sexual intercourse and get pregnant without marriage and call it a mistake. Is pregnancy now a mistake?”
Not done with his insults, Lutterodt moved on to musicians and his target were gospel stars. Name checking artists like Cwesi Oteng and Nicholas Omane Achaempong, he said they are useless in the industry.
“They are wasting their time. Cwesi Oteng is a copy cut. SP Kofi Sarpong and Nicholas Omane Acheampong are just adding to the number,” Lutterodt belatedly said.


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