Suspect Who Allegedly Defiled 4 Year Old Girl And Was 'Freed' By The Gods Is Related To The Chief Of The Town

4 Year old defiled

And we come full circle. Kwabena, the suspect accused of having defiled a four year old girl and who was ‘freed’ by the gods, is related to the chief of Assin Adadientem.
Ghana was shocked when the news broke that a man accused of defiling a baby had been let scot free after consultation with the gods because he had been declared innocent.
However, Joy News now reports that Kwabena, the 17 year old suspect, is cousin to the chief and undoubtedly was being protected when the chief gave that sham ruling.
It has also emerged that the father of the girl is linguist to the chief, and it seems is in league with his boss to protect the suspect and not get justice for the little girl.
The chief, Nana Aboboyaa, reportedly ascended to his stool due to the influence of Kwabena’s father.
The girl reportedly struggles to walk to this day due to the severe pain associated with the ordeal of defilement she suffered.
Meanwhile, the suspect still walks free and police say they cannot arrest him because they do not know the village very well.


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