RED, HOT And STRIKING!!! Check AJ Sarpong's Birthday Pictures And Help Us Wish Her A Good One

It is  AJ Sarpong’s birthday today and the pictures she is releasing on her Instagram page is oven HOT— we are trying so hard to take a breath here.
I now understand what she meant by a “New Beginning” when she departed EIB and headed to Omni Media Limited, owners of Citi Fm and its partner stations.
AJ says she is a year older and a lot wiser. She talks about how she started the year on a very bad note— with a broken ankle yet she has survived it all.
“2017 has been the most interesting year of my Life! Firstly I began the year in more pain than I had ever felt in my life with a Broken Ankle. On the 1st of Jan while everyone was having a party I was lying in Bed crying like a child cos the pain of going to church in crutches the night prior had shifted things and made it feel worse!!! I was in pain, mostly stuck in Bed and dependent on my mum for everything, to eat, get in and out of bed, to bath, to even drink water she had to bring it to me!”
The good Lord definitely has been good to her—remember when she acquired a Masters Degree from the Ghana Institute Of Journalism? She is grateful for that too as she touched on it in her birthday post.
“I also managed to Graduate after waiting many months for the School to put in Place a system! Again God Got Me!
I have healed to the extent that I can wear Heelsss! Y’all saw me strur lt on #GAFW yeah??Again God Got Me!!?????.”
Stunting for the camera in a striking red bodycon dress, AJ wishes herself a happy birthday. She says her life has changed in just a year.


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