71 And Glowing – Watch Maame Dokono Talk About Why She's Not Had S£x In The Last 6 Years, Why She Baths Once Daily + MORE (Video)

maame Dokono

And when she was asked the last time she had s*x, veteran actress Grace Omaboe said it has been six years already and still counting since the edge to have it is not there.
To have sex, one is supposed to be in love and I am not in love so no s*x, she explained. 
Maame Dokono on the Delay Show has recounted how her last marriage fell apart and broke her. She said she married thinking she had met the man of her dreams and the rest is history.
She added that she has no intentions of getting married as she can not see herself performing wifely duties such as cooking and washing when she gets to be treated like a queen when she travels abroad and sleep in the big hotels.
“I have not had sex in the past six years. You have sex when you are in love with the person but I don’t love anyone.”
“If I knew my second marriage will be this terrible, I would have stayed in my first marriage.”


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