Hamamat Montia Shares Rare Picture Of Her Daughters As She Congratulates Yvonne Nelson

Former Miss Malaika Queen and model, Hammat Montia has shared a rare picture of herself and her little princesses, Safari and Zuri.
She posted the picture with a congratulatory message to actress Yvonne Nelson who delivered a light-skinned baby girl yesterday. She further talks about how great of a mother she (Yvonne Nelson) would be.
She wrote:
“Happy Monday #KingsandQueens: Meet @zuzuandsasa.”
“My daughter #Safari (left)lives in her own world while #Zuri (right) lives in mine. Girls are a blessing.”
“Growing up in #Africa society makes you think boys are much more valuable than girls .”
“I mean I was also brainwashed until I became a mother. ”
“After I had #Zuri my grandmother #Kaakasaid to me ” You have done very well , giving birth to a girl as your first means prosperity- it means things will be easier for you than others in your journey of life , I said well Kaaka I wanted a boy then she hit my mouth(ouch!) and said never say that . In our tradition giving birth to boys first means things will be tough , it means your journey in life will not be easy “. Do you believe in #superstition ? ”
“Anyway I can’t confirm or deny what kaaka said but I think I am starting to believe it because I have had some really tough times after they were born but somehow life always makes it easy for me to find a way . Congratulations to the beautiful @yvonnenelsongh on having a baby girl .”
“Girls are amazing, they will love you deeply and truly and will also steal theirs father’s heart and give it all to you. Enjoy motherhood my friend I know you will be a wonderful mother . ❤️ “

Miss Anita-Pyper Agyei, Senior Reporter
Ms Pyper Pebbles is a senior reporter at GhanaCelebrities.Com . She holds a Diploma in Communications from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, and she is based in Accra, Ghana. You can reach her via [email protected]