READERS’MAIL: A Ghanaian Christian Who Supports and Defends Fornication—is That One too A Christian? The Case of Yvonne Nelson and the Hypocrite Ghanaians

Yvonne Nelson

Dear Vincent,
I write to seek audience for my opinion in relation to what every Ghanaian on social media has been talking about: I mean the Yvonne Nelson pregnancy and baby issue.
I understand you are not religious and neither are you a moralist. While I may not fully understand why you sit on these pillars, I can perfectly to some extent see why you wouldn’t even want to associate with a group that is as hypocritical as religious people and those who always shout Culture and Morals.
I am Ghanaian Christian; a proud Christian, Ghanaian and a person who believes society ought to have some level of morals for decency and cohesion to continue.
The Bible clearly states that fornication is a SIN but today Christians are not only widely indulging in fornication, they also defend and support those who practice it. After all, they are just like them. And that’s what we are seeing in the case of Yvonne Nelson.
An actress who is a role model to a lot of young women goes about fornicating and gets pregnant, and then gives birth. Instead of people condemning her sins, they are rather rallying behind her as if she has done nothing wrong.
Yet, these same people will be there shouting about GAYS being sinners or the act of GAY-ISM going against the Ghanaian Culture and Morals.

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What does the Ghanaian Culture, Values and Morals say about fornication and having a child out of wedlock too?
It’s AGAINST the Ghanaian culture, morals and values for an unmarried woman to be having sex, get pregnant and even have babies.
As Rev Counsellor Lutterodt said in the video you guys published; per the Ghanaian culture, when an unmarried Ghanaian woman fornicates and gives birth out of wedlock, the child is termed in Akan as “Kwasieba” which translates as a bastard.
So it’s hypocritical and shameful to see Ghanaians on social media, especially young girls who are probably also engaging in all manner of religious sins and immoralities defending and supporting Yvonne Nelson for what’s clearly a sin and an immoral act.
Some of our Ghanaian Christians make me sick with their hypocritical attitude on social media and real life.

From: N Serwaa/Accra, Ghana


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This post was published on November 5, 2017 9:03 AM

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