Your Gay Son Would Be Arrested If He Steps Foot In Ghana — Maurice Ampaw Warns KKD

Controversial lawyer Maurice Ampaw has warned KKD that if his gay son ever returns to Ghana, police would be monitoring him and would arrest him whenever he decides to have s*x.
Kwabena Kyei Darkwa, a model based in the UK, has been trending over the past few days after an interview in which he opened up about growing up gay came to light.
Many Ghanains have condemned him for his s*xual orientation, although his father has expressed his support for him. Maurice Ampaw, who has an opinion on any topic, has also spoken out and warned Darkwa to stay in the UK and not return to Ghana.
“He should stay abroad with his gay life and should not come to Ghana because if he comes to Ghana, he is now a sacrilege to the country.” Ampaw said.
“He will be monitored by the police and should he engage in any form of s*xual relations, with anybody, he will be arrested because his action is a criminal offence. He cannot also marry here in Ghana,”
As if a successful UK model is in a rush to come to Ghana – an intolerant, backwards nation which in the 21st century still clings to stone age mindsets. I hardly think so.


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