Ghc 45,000 Robbed From Tema Motorway Toll Booth In Apparent 'Inside Job'

Police in Tema are investigating the alleged robbery of a toll booth on the Tema Motorway in which Ghc 45,000 was taken.
The incident occurred late Sunday, 3news reports.
The Ghc 45,000 is the entire tolls collected at that booth for the weekend from Friday to Sunday. The robbers allegedly stormed the booth around 9:30pm and made off with the loot.
However, police are treating the case as a suspected inside job since there was no sign of forced entry. “The facts before me suggest that it might have been orchestrated” Tema Regional Police Commander, DCOP George Tuffour told 3news.
“I will call it stealing instead of robbery because there is more to it than the eyes can see… There wasn’t any force applied to the person [the tollbooth supervisor].The money was virtually handed over to these people”. he added.
Two people, the police officer guarding the place and the supervisor at the site, have been arrested to assist in investigations. The supervisor said he had not locked the safe at the time of the robbery and the police officer also claims he was on the other side of the road at the time and did not see anything.
This story smells worse than Lavender Hill.


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