READERS’ MAIL: We all Hate Chris-Vincent the Devil Himself and Yet We Can’t Resist His Temptation Bait Whenever He Writes! What’s He Doing Right?—By Samuel-Clement Enoku

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

I am able to call Chris Vincent ‘the devil’ himself because he has some things in common with Satan himself.
All Christians hate Satan and yet he’s become so irresistible, even though the bible states clearly the ways to resist or overcome his temptations. It’s obvious that in the face of temptations, the words in the bible becomes irrelevant hence, we fall flat to the temptations.
We publicly condemn Satan after we fail to overcome temptations and then still fail over and over again!
In the same vein, Mark Zuckerberg has put buttons in place to avoid people we claim to dislike on Facebook and yet we can’t? Chris must be using some supernatural powers then.
The classical case of Chris Vincent (the devil) and his righteous social media followers!
I’m a controversialist—I love controversies so I follow Chris Vincent on social media and his blog, and that’s reasonable. There’s no way I’ll unfollow or block him, provided he keeps being controversial.
It’s obvious fact that most Ghanaians hate him for his controversial articles and yet it has become a herculean task for them to hit the block button. Perhaps, Chris is doing something they secretly love, but publicly hate—that’s hypocrisy!
You can’t hate Satan publicly and then love him secretly—that’s what God hates most! Chris Vincent is been followed by over 15,000 people on facebook and his GhanaCelebrities.Com page has almost 300,000 followers, most of them are Christians, even though he’s an atheist of which lots of them bash him for.
A Christian who follows an atheist, is that one too a Christian?
I see no need for sane human beings who claim to hate Chris Vincent on social media and yet can’t use the block button. What then becomes the use of the block button? For me, anyone I deem it annoying and hateful on social media, I make use of the block button quick! Chris Vincent as a sane human being uses the block button too, at his discretional powers.
Recently, actress Yvonne Nelson blocked ghanacelebrity on twitter because of their annoying publication about her newly born baby. That’s the right thing to do. But this is not the case of her followers, they just cannot use the block button and always jumping on Chris’ blog and timeline to read new controversial articles about Yvonne. That’s absurd!
I dare all Yvonne followers to block Chris Vincent if they have balls and clits, obviously they can’t because they secretly love what he does.
Ghanacelebrities.Com is one the most read blogs in Ghana, even though they are known to publish controversial articles. Chris Vincent has been consistent for a decade and yet he doesn’t lose followers–the numbers keep increasing daily.
In all this, one can only say that, Chris is doing something right of which his ‘righteous’ followers love secretly and hate publicly.
~~Samuel-Clement Enoku


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This post was published on November 6, 2017 7:22 AM

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