Kwabena Kwabena Bitter About Being Neglected By NPP Despite Campaigning Strongly For Them

Kwabena Kwabena

Few celebrities stood as closely with the NPP during the 2016 elections as highlife singer Kwabena Kwabena, who aggressively insisted that the NPP government would be good for Ghanaians if they are ushered in.
Yet whilst many have ‘reaped’ benefits from their support for the NPP, the singer has been sidelined and has received no appointment, no ambassadorship or even simply a visit acknowledging his support.
Speaking with Showbiz, Kwabena Kwabena, who seemed bitter but endeavoured to hide it, said he believed God rewards those who do good deeds and that he believes Ghana getting a better government than the NDC is enough for him.
“God rewards the good deeds of people and that is what I’m looking forward to . At least, I have accomplished my aim of campaigning for a better party to govern the country [and] that is enough satisfaction for me. Besides , my career is still at it peak and I’m thankful to God that it still feeds me and I don’t need to depend on anyone” he said.
Recently, over 50 celebrities were named as tourism ambassadors and again Kwabena Kwabena was left out despite his NPP support. When asked why he believes he was left out, he declined to answer.
“I don’t think I’m the best to answer that question. Those who selected the ambassadors should have a better explanation on why I was not included. I think I have all qualities to take up such a role but unfortunately, I wasn’t selected,”


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