5 Beauty Products to Erase Your Dark Eye Circles

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Dark under eye circles are signs of skin aging alright but, that does not mean it should be there nestled and homey under your eyes.  It’s not okay that it is causing your eyes to appear aged.  It is not alright that it is getting in the way between you and your skin to enjoy a bright, flawless overall complexion.
Top 5 products to solve your under eye problems
Below are five products you should be investing on. These products have best eye cream reviews on improvements for your dark under eyes:
1. Lightening face mask. Treat skin around your eyes to a deep hydrating treatment which only a lightening face mask can deliver.  To get the benefits of skin lightening, select face masks that contain whitening ingredients like lemon or other citrus fruits, papaya and licorice.  Read the instructions carefully and follow closely.
 2. Antioxidant serum.  Provide added protection to your delicate eye skin by integrating an antioxidant serum in your routine. Make sure to look for Vitamin C serum reviews.Vitamin C to re-energize skin cells and serve as a natural astringent, and Vitamin E to provide deep moisturization & niacinamide,which promotes healthy microcirculation.
 3. Skin lightening cream. Again, look for products that contain skin lightening ingredients.  This time, get these ingredients in a serum or cream form.  A serum will give you a more lightweight, highly concentrated formulation that is capable of deeply penetrating your skin.  A cream will be stickier and contain more skin conditioners.  Either way, get other beneficial ingredients like retinol and peptides from this product where you can keep these ingredients on day and night.
 4. Glutathione and Metathione pills. Take note that if you choose the oral supplementation route, there are risks for overdosing on certain nutrients, in particular, Vitamin E, C and antioxidants.  Over supplementation using these pills can lead to liver problems.
5. Makeup. While waiting for your topical products to work wonders on your dark under eyes, you can always give your skin issues a quick fix with —what else but makeup!  Skill up on coverage and concealing and you’ll do fine.
What could be causing your dark under eyes?
Truthfully, it’s a lot of things or a combination of these:
1. Constricted vessels. Stress, lack of sleep, vigorous and habitual rubbing of the eyes can all lead to thin capilliaries underneath your eye skin area to become swollen.  When these delicate blood vessels bulge, it’s only a matter of time before fluids, including blood, leak out and become stuck around the eyes.  Soon enough, blood clots develop and the pigment in the blood stain the skin on top of it, causing under eyes to become reddish, then purplish then black.
2. Allergies. The inflammation that causes rashes, redness and itchiness can all cause dark under eye circles to appear.  Get immediate relief from anti-histamine when your allergy attacks and stay away from foods or environmental elements that cause your immune response to go haywire.
3. Tired eyes. Staring down on a computer screen puts a lot of gravitational pressure on your tilted eyes.  Tired eyes leave the area dry and swell.  A moisturizing eye dropper can help instantly relieve the dryness and tiredness.
4. Medications. Certain medications can cause your eyes to become dilated or, to dry out.  Ask your physician about possible alternative medication so you won’t have to deal with dark under eyes as a side effect.
5. Health condition. Notice how your dark under eyes worsen during or right after going through a bout with colds or flu?  Dehydration can cause eyes to become puffy and to darken.  When you’re sick, drink plenty of fluids to replenish the significant amount of water loss experienced by your body when you’re recording high temperatures.
Other things you can do to improve dark eye circles
 Sleep at least 7 hours every night. Relieve tired eyes and swollen blood vessels by giving yourself sufficient rest and sleep.
Engage in more physical activities. Exercise to improve blood and nutrient circulation.
 De-stress. Do things that you enjoy doing as much as you can.
 Better cope with stress. Deal with it or, it will tackle you.
 Prevent allergies. Stay clear of foods or environmental pollutants that may be irritating your eyes.
Address your dark under eye circles more effectively by avoiding the factors that make it tick.   Regular, holistic solutions are the only lasting ways to deal with persistent dark under eyes.

This post was published on November 9, 2017 5:55 PM

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