CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Leave Juliet Ibrahim the Hell Alone to Enjoy Her New Man–But We Will Deal With Her If Things Don't Work Out, As Usual

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Juliet Ibrahim

The problem with a lot of Ghanaians on social media, including Actress-Juliet Ibrahim is the lack of understanding of freedom to make a choice—and when someone makes a choice they subjectively find unacceptable, they call for the choice to be changed, to mirror their preference.
Since Juliet Ibrahim announced that she’s now proudly warming the bed of Nigerian musician, Iceberg Slim, large pockets of Ghanaians have descended heavily on her—claiming she’s made a terrible choice.
In fact, some have compared Iceberg Slim to Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-husband, Kwadwo Safo—asserting that, dating Iceberg Slim is a slide down the relationship ladder.
These people write as if they know Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-husband beyond the social media images they see of him and they also talk as if they witnessed whatever anguish Juliet went through in her marriage, first hand—to be able to conclude that, Iceberg does not come anywhere close to Kwadwo Safo.
I had a brief conversation with Juliet Ibrahim late last night and I could tell that she is truly happy, a position everyone deserves to occupy in life.
If she’s happy, is that all that matters?
And without any first-hand information as to how appalling Kwadwo Safo treated Juliet Ibrahim to compare to how wonderful Iceberg is perhaps treating her, wouldn’t any sort of condemnation of her choice at this point be unfounded?
At this stage, Ghanaians should leave Juliet Ibrahim the hell alone to enjoy her new man: she has a right to date whoever she wants to date and if she has found Iceberg fit for purpose and allows him to spank that humongous ass, who are you to say otherwise?


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She had full access to the Yvonne Nelson-Iyanya persuasive precedent, the Nadia Buari-Jim Ikye’s fraudulent affair and she spends a lot of time in Nigeria, so she reasonably knows Nigerian men better. And also, how to deal with them better.
I believe we should leave her alone as none of us has adequate information to judge her on her choice, especially when all we know so far is what she’s been showing us.
But Juliet Ibrahim should not forget that, just as she has a right to making whatever choice she wants, so do Ghanaians have a right to jump in and throw their comments, even if vile, when she comes back crying like Yvonne Nelson did.
She shouldn’t be claiming to have a right to make whatever choice, and still think that others do not have a right to make a choice in relation to jabbing or consoling her when things do not work out.
Her playful threat that Ghanaians will deal with Iceberg Slim if he messes up with her is deeply laughable. Because, she will be the one at the receiving end of the punches if the relationship fails—and If she doubts that, she should just examine the previous dealings of Ghanaians in this area.

Bae @iamicebergslim and I at Acapella’s my Mic and I event …. my outfit head to toes @totalwrap #acapellamymicandi

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We will actually tear into her and make her “smell pepper”. That’s what we do best.
For now, I say, I wish you well Juliet and as we laughed out loud last night, when things don’t work (which I don’t wish for that to happen) and we all start throwing in our commentaries, do not block me like Opana recently did.
Before I go, let me add that I can deduce from your recent Instagram post that you are investing in Iceberg’s career as a Producer of his soon to be released music video. I believe you are doing so voluntarily, and therefore we do not want to hear you say you were “defrauded” by a Nigerian scam musician in any way in the future.
Have fun and let him keep taping that butt; life is too short not to have an orgasm each day.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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