Tales From The Powder Room Review: Anita Erskine Takes Over Hosting Duties And Brings Top Notch Gravitas To The Role

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Anita Erskine

‘Tales From the Powder Room’ has taken on a fresh lease of life under new host Anita Erskine after previous host Naa Ashorkor nearly sank the program.
Erskine has firmly taken the program and gone back to basics, steering the conversation seamlessly whilst remaining the firm but not overbearing host.
The most recent episode of the show last night (Nov 08) showed what Anita brings to the table and why the program has a new lease of life. The Tales panel, consisting of Lauretta Aryeetey, a PR Consultant and Life Coach, Kafui Dogbatse, head of Business Development at Charterhouse and Christian Kelly Mensah, blogger/social media expert, had a challenging topic on the table.
The tale was from a married woman who had discovered her husband was cheating on her, after she went through his phone and saw n*de images and compromising chats. He has also been mentioning the name of his side chick to their daughter and had refused to leave her even when she wanted to leave.
As the three panellists delve deep into the issue, all brought their unique perspectives and experiences to the problem. Seeming playboy Kelly saw completely nothing wrong with the conduct of the husband, and indeed asserted that as the head of the household (shepherd), the man can have as many side chicks (sheep) as he wants.

Lauretta, long married and sympathetic to the plight of the woman, asserted that she was wrong to have gone through the husband’s phone, but that did not negate the wrong he has done her. Dogbatse looked at it from the Christian angle and condemned treating one’s wife in such a manner.
And through it all was Anita, moderating the program and keeping things on track. In our article pointing out that Erskine was taking over the program, we wrote that unlike the previous host, Anita “perfectly bridges the gap between the bold new generation and the somewhat laid back older folks.” and that is squarely on show in this episode.
The host can hang in there either with the older generation who want a tv host perfectly mannered, rattling off the Queen’s language, or a younger, more laid back generation that loves ‘broken’ English. Like a chameleon, Erskine fulfils both but keeps things at a professional level simply by possessing gravitas that only experience can buy.
The result – an engrossing convo that keeps the viewer riveted and invested and ends with passionate input from the public when the phone lines are finally open.
The show took a slight break later for the customary ‘tips from the powder room’ which served to relax the viewer and serve as a reminder that the program is winding down.
Tales has slumped for a while now but all the ingredients are just right at this moment and it self evidently is on an upwards roll, as evidenced by this episode. When the ship’s captain is on point the voyage goes smoothly.
The program, held every Wednesday at 9:00pm on GhOne Tv, is sponsored by Lele Rice and Vodafone.
Watch last night’s engrossing episode below…

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