AUDIO: Ghanaian Single Mothers Who Sleep With Married Men to Put Their Children Through Expensive Schools Abroad And in Ghana Are SICK–Says Duncan-Williams

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Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has hit hard at Ghanaian single mothers, who are selling their coochies to married men, in order to put their children through expensive schools–which has become a sign of social status in Ghana.
The founder of Action Chapel International made the comment on Sunday, 12 November when he preached to his congregation.
The preacher said, instead of some single Ghanaian women putting their children through schools they can afford, they prefer to take them abroad–and to pay for this, they end up sleeping with people’s husband.
He called those who do this SICK. 

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He said:
“Why do a lot of single women send their children to very expensive schools in society? Nothing wrong: Lincoln, SOS, Ghana International [School], name them; why do we send our children to the best of schools? It’s good to send them because your parents sold everything to put you through school. If your parents sold everything to put you through school, that doesn’t mean that you should sell your body to a married man to be able to get money to send your children to SOS or GIS or Lincoln. It’s not the same.
“And if you are doing that because you also want to prove to society that you too your children go to the best of schools, you are sick and something is wrong with you; you are a ‘shegelele’.
“I don’t say don’t send your children to school outside. … Today we send our children to school outside not because they deserve it, just because of the pressure: their friends are all out there, so they must also go there. And even though we can’t afford it, we will sell everything, do everything, not because we don’t have good schools here but because we also want our children to go to Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton. What are you trying to prove, what is your motive? You want to prove that you too you dey.
“There are people I know in this country, they didn’t go to Yale; somebody like Fred Oware, he is one of the brilliant bankers in this country, he works for me as Chief of Staff, the guy is brilliant, he didn’t go to Princeton, he didn’t go to Harvard, he didn’t go to Yale or Oxford, but the guy is good. Take somebody like Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, he didn’t go to Oxford, or Princeton or Yale, brilliant, misunderstood because in this country when you are a very confident person people don’t like you. You have to act like ‘humility, humble, I’m very humble or yes sir.’”
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