Yvonne Nelson's Baby Daddy is A BORN One–Perhaps, Even Born Two

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Yvonne Nelson

Though I do not find anything wrong with the loose adjective “born one,” it has somewhat become a derogatory phrase in our part of the world.
Interestingly, it’s also used discriminatory–only for women who go into new relationships with children, sometimes called “pieces of baggage”.
Men are hardly called “born one or born two” and therefore in the interest of fair play, I invoke all the contumelious’ cultural elements the phrase carries to announce that, Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy is a born one, perhaps even born two.
This fact about Yvonne’s baby daddy has been ignored–obviously because he’s a man.

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Yvonne confirmed the “born whatever” status of her baby daddy in her WOW magazine interview when she said this:
Her dad is very excited too. He is not a first-time dad, but he is super happy and very supportive. He is British and such a great person. I admire how amazing he is with kids, and I respect him for that. He takes great care of me.”
If Yvonne Nelson the diva went in for a “born whatever.” and you sister Joyce from Kasoa has decided not to give “Bra Ofori” a chance because of his three Abeikus, then better check yourself.