Broke Ugly Men Easily Impregnate – Loud Mouth Afia Schwar Shades Yvonne Nelson

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Some months ago Big Mouth Afia Schwarzenegger enjoyed all the negative headlines from her disgraceful cheating saga and many were sympathizing with her but here is she crucifying Yvonne Nelson for the comiting same crime she is guilty of.
The beautiful long-legged Actress cum Producer is facing an online disaster after months of telling lies about her pregnancy and now being accused of giving unworthy praise to her Baby Daddy who has been exposed as broke, abusive and ex-convict legally married man.

In the early hours of today, the Social Media talkative who we suspect is now jobless took to social media to troll Miss Nelson by writing: “You can have sex with a very Handsome,rich n caring dude for about a year and u won’t get pregnant. Try an ugly/broke, just 1 round then boom u are already a baby mama“.
With Yvonne’s Baby Daddy being a topic against Schwar’s sour relationship with Yvonne, one doesn’t need Manasseh Azure’s rocket science analogy to understand where those shots are targeted.

Check Out Afia’s Now Deleted Post

To agree with Afia’s comments then it also means her estranged husband, Abrokwa is rich and handsome which explains why she never got pregnant with him after years of their relationship.

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