Ghanaian Female Celebrities And Their Obsession With ‘White Men’ is Super CRAZY– Nadia Buari, Confidence Haugen, Kafui Danku, Yvonne Nelson, Delay & Others Are All into Whitemen

Delay and one of his alleged white boyfriends

A lot of Ghanaian women are obsessed with the idea of being with a white man, and even those Ghanaians call “Obroni Petey” are great a catch for our contemporary Ghanaian women.
For instance, Ghanaian TV personality, Deloris Frimpong-Manso (Delay) is said to only date white men—and she has in the past posted several photos of a “white man” alleged to be her boyfriend.
It’s not only Delay who is deeply in love with the idea of anything light-skinned: considering the number of Ghanaian Celebrities living in Ghana where the population of whites is tiny and yet have managed to catch for themselves some white man, we can say, the obsession is crazy and these women are ready to go every mile to grab a white man.
Actress Nadia Buari has given birth with a Lebanese, also termed a “white man” in Ghana, Kafui Danku is married to a 60-something-year-old white man with whom she has a baby, Confidence Haugen is married to a white man, Afia Schwarzenegger has children with a white man and now Yvonne Nelson has joined the prestigious club.
The question is; are there no good responsible black men around for our Ghanaian Celebrities within our huge population of blacks?

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A few months ago, two beautiful Ghanaian women I met told me about how desperately they want to have a relationship with a white man so that they can have mixed race children.
It’s interesting that mixed-race children have become admirable trophies for a lot of Ghanaian women, including our own Celebrities who are to serve as role models.
And unfortunately, some of these celebrities are ready to go every mile including snatching, adultery and given birth out of wedlock, so they can just have a light-skinned child.
Perhaps, we should set up a sperm bank and sell white man’s sperm to all these living in Ghana but desperate for mixed-race children.
It seems our women are ready to kill for a white man’s dick, irrespective of the available black alternative.


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