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Bishop Charles Agyinasare Flatly Denies Charging Ghc 100,000 To Preach In Other Churches

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare

Founder and leader of the Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has flatly denied allegations that himself and other huge pastors charge Ghc 100,000 every time they are invited to preach in another pastor’s church.
According to Agyinasare, that allegation is false and came about because someone wanted his head for breakfast.
Recently, there were allegations floating around that some of the biggest men of God in the country such as the Bishop, Duncan Williams and Otabil, often charge if another pastor invites them to preach at their church.
But Agyinasare denied all such claims, and also said none of the pastors mentioned carry out such acts.
“I remember on Wednesday, my dear friend Bishop Yaw Adu called me from Koforidua, he said there was this radio station in Koforidua that reported the night before that I’m amongst some three senior pastors, namely: Archbishop Duncan-Williams, Dr Otabil and Bishop Agyinasare in Ghana that before you get them to preach they charge you GHS100,000.
“Well when I was in Tamale, I’m glad to say I hosted Archbishop Duncan-Williams and I hosted Dr Otabil, even in the 80s and they did not charge me. Instead, they paid their own plane fare and they paid their hotel bill – even when the church was small.” Agyinasare said.
He continued: “Now when we celebrated our 30th anniversary in March, I’m glad to say that we invited some of these eminent men of God and amongst them we had Archbishop Duncan-Williams and Dr Otabil; surprisingly, they did not charge us and we did not give them GHS100,000.”
“I’m glad to announce to you that in my 35 years in Ministry, in January I’ll be 35 years in ministry, I’ve not charged anyone to preach for them nor have I hosted any man or woman of God who has charged me before. I don’t accept people who charge to preach. But you can tell that somebody wanted our head for breakfast, but whoever is looking for your head for breakfast, they will not get it, God will deliver you…” he added.

This post was published on November 20, 2017 3:06 PM

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