A Man I Liked Plainly Told Me He Can't Be With Me Because I Have A Daughter – Joselyn Dumas

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Joselyn Dumas

According to Joselyn Dumas speaking on her new Tv Show “Keeping It Real With Joselyn Dumas” she has lost keeping a man whom she had interest in because she’s ‘born one’.
As the show says, it’s moments of reality and the actress kept it real on how sometimes it’s difficult to be a single parent.

The debut episode of the show had mothers who are not with the fathers of their children and they shared the hard times that come with that.
Hippy Josy saying her part, detailed that she now tells men straight away that she has a daughter before their relationship gets anywhere. She narrated it’s from the experience of how the gentleman she was much into shunned her because she has a daughter. The actress added that the honesty of this man has attracted so much respect from her as they remain good friends.
Joselyn also stated that Single Mothers should be commended because it’s never an easy task.

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