Ghanaians Are Hypocrites And I Won't Stop Displaying My Private Parts Because That's My Brand — Ebony

Amidst backlashes and rants from the general public about her provocative dressing, 20-year-old female dancehall artiste Ebony has no plans of modifying her offensive style of dressing to something decent.
Ebony speaking on Hitz FM said, “I won’t stop displaying my body parts. Ghanaians will get used to me. That’s the point of being a trendsetter.”

She rightly indicated that she doesn’t give a hoot about her critics.
“I’ve been getting negative comments from people with regards to my public appearance. I’ve been criticized since I was growing up so I’ve never been bothered about criticisms. Bullet tried to tone it down. Sometimes, there’s an outfit I want to wear to a show and he will be like ‘No Ebony, Ghana is not ready for this.”
Many of her critics are of the view that, Ebony has no talent and that she seeks attention by dressing offensively and exposing her body parts in her music videos and stage performances to attract some attention to her untalented self.
Back in July 2017, her dad proudly defended her daughter in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.
“I am supportive of anything my daughter does and anything she wears. I am not ashamed as a father, the truth is that I choose what she wears and I bless her before she goes out to perform. Some Ghanaians are hypocrites and I am sorry but I am not one of them,” Mr Kwarteng explained.
“I am not bothered at all. The reason is simple, I know my daughter than anyone else. What people see out there is what we want them to see and that is because she is an artiste and needs a brand that will sell. For God’s sake, she is a Dancehall artiste and she wears what will make her feel confident when performing on stage. Something that will depict the genre of music and songs she churns outs.”
He went ahead to rubbish the perception that his daughter is “bad” girl.
“My daughter is not a bad girl, she is very calm, loving and a respectful person. Whatever she does on stage ends there. She is a different person when she gets home.”
He further went on to touch on the relationship between himself and his “girl as I usually call her is close to my heart.”
“We are so close that I gave her the go-ahead when she told me she wanted to do music. Initially, I questioned her decision because she is a very intelligent girl and was doing extremely well in school and every parent will want his or her child to get to the top of the highest academic ladder. But she insisted music was what she wanted to do. Music is where her heart is and I gave her my blessings. I couldn’t have stopped her because these children are smart.”
Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng as originally called penetrated the ‘choked’ Ghanaian music industry with her song ‘Kupe’ and has since chopped some dominance in the industry.
She scored two nominations at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA): Dancehall Artiste of the Year and Best Reggae/ Dancehall Song of the Year which she won none.
The female dancehall artiste is signed to Rufftown Records.


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