The Death Of Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong (KABA) Has Taught Me To Be Humble–Bill Asamoah

Kumawood actor Bill Asamoah is perceived by many as pompous due to his body posture in most of the movies he’s starred in, even though there is no proof that he’s truly pompous in real life.
Bill Asamoah, speaking on the sudden demise of the Asempa FM’s broadcast journalist-KABA, indicated that even though he never met the journalist when he was alive but judging from the numerous good testimonies being thrown at him shows how humble and sober he was.
This is what the actor had to say; “KABA was one person who was dedicated to what he did as a journalist and to me it’s not surprising that he’s been celebrated in such a legendary manner… And one thing that humbles me a lot is a legend at 37, it tells you that he did quite a lot.” Bill Asamoah stressed.
The popular Kumawood actor went on to indicate that, if anything at all, KABA’s death has taught him to walk in the path of humility so that a lot can also be said about him after his demise one day.
Bill Asamoah honestly said there are a lot of temptations to be arrogant especially when you are a celebrity in Ghana but that shouldn’t still make you arrogant. He rightly continued to say that sometimes as a celebrity, you just want to stay quietly in your lane, but someone may push you to react rudely which would send bad perceptions about the celebrity to people in the end.
“In all this, you have to be humble and that is one thing I’ve learned from KABA’s death. If I get this crowd to even come and then pay homage when God calls me to eternity one day, then that will tell you I also did well. Whatever has gone on here has truly taught me to be humble.” said Bill Asamoah.


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