I Have Not Been Sacked From Multimedia, I'm Still At Post–Ohemaa Woyeje

Few days after the death of the Asempa FM’s broadcast journalist–Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong (KABA). came a report that Adom FM’s mid-morning show host, Ohemaa Woyeje has been sacked from Multimedia Group Limited following a baseless accusation finger she pointed at a female colleague.
It was reported that Ohemma Woyeje attributed the sudden demise of KABA to a female colleague who she believed killed KABA with frustrations.

The multilingual Tv and radio presenter said in an interview that, “I have not been sacked. I am still with the Multimedia Group, I am still at Adom FM. Hopefully, I will be at work tomorrow if nothing goes wrong.”
If indeed she has not been sacked as speculated earlier on, then what happened?
Ohemma Woyeje has ‘slapped’ the blame on bloggers for misquoting what she said on facebook and also accused them of making false stories out of her post.
This is what the journalist on last week Wednesday posted on Facebook–“Our hypocrisy is just not cool! I remember when some weeks ago, #KABA told me about one woman from Multi TV who frustrated him a lot especially when he was on TV till other matters…I saw this same woman on Monday with her legs n waist like mine looking all mourning going up and down just to appear in the cameras and pretending to have lost a loved colleague. Why didn’t she sleep and pop champagne to celebrate news of his demise?”
Her post then went viral on the internet and from her, she got calls from her bosses asking her to pull down the post because bloggers were twisting the true meaning of the post.
“Then Thursday morning, I woke up in the morning to find an email from the Head of Human Resource asking me to come in and explain my post and give names of the people I suspected to have a hand in KABA’s death,” she added.
So in the nutshell, Ohemaa Woyeje still has her job even though she has been adviced by management to channel all issues relating to the company to the HR department.


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