Akufo Addo And Bawumia Are Homos*xuals–Akua Donkor

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President Akufo Addo has received a lot of backlash from both Ghanaians and other bigwigs for his opinion whether Ghana will legalize homos*xuality or not. Ghanaians in general hates opinions deviating from the way they think, always expecting a specific opinion or answer to a particular question.
Illiterate politician, Maame Akua Donkor has also blasted the president for his stance on the subject matter, alleging that Akufo Addo and Vice-president Bawumia are homos*xuals.

Controversial Akua Donkor went on to indicate that, both the President and his Vice are “embarrassment” to their religions.

“With the opportunity that the president had he should have condemned such acts but he rather expressed the optimism for legalization in the near future. That’s so unfortunate,” Akua Donkor lamented, as quoted by Ghana crusader.
“I can tell you on authority that the President and his Vice Bawumia are gays. In fact, Bawumia is a disgrace to all Muslims and the president is also an embarrassment to Christendom”, she alleged.
Even though the government has come out clearly through the information minister–Mustapha Hamid on the matter that Ghana is not ready to legalize homos*xuality, this seems not to be going deep in the ears of people and still keeps making unsolicited comments on the issue.
Akua Donkor is the founder of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) with no representation in parliament.

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