'Finding Me' Review — AfroPop Sensation Kay Dizzle Goes Back To His Roots In Upbeat New Album To Be Launched Nov 30

November 30th is the date to mark down in your calendar, when the eagerly anticipated launch of Kay Dizzle’s EP ‘Finding Me’ comes off in DC.
The long awaited album is a story of revelation and discovery and set to challenge the status quo in the industry.
Kay Dizzle tells a story from start to finish on this EP full of bangers and most importantly, takes us back to the roots of Ghanaian music with folksy tunes and mild beats that hearken back to the days of some of the most legendary highlife tunes this country has ever produced.
There is no question a lot of Ghanaian music these days has become dull and stilted, as the public have moved away from an appreciation for songwriting as an art and fallen into the trap of appreciating only funky beats that move the hips.
‘Finding Me’ is simultaneously a story and a statement – a story of finding one’s self and one’s music in a largely saturated environment where innovation is rarely rewarded but imitation is worshipped – and a statement from an artist determined to make it the only way he knows how, with good lyrics and soulful beats.

Things start off heated on ‘Alright’, which in many ways is exceptional on the album. A pure Ragga single, Kay Dizzle confirms his incredible versatility on the stick in this track, as things completely take a different turn for the rest of the album. The message is short and simple, everything’s going to be alright.
The story on ‘Finding Me’ continues with ‘Auntie Atta’, a mid tempo single which pays homage to one of the most well known folk songs of the past. ‘Auntie Atta, m3 ware wo ba baa no’, Kay Dizzle sings, as he pays homage to a beautiful African Princess who has captured his heart. A love song worthy of the name.
The smash hit ‘Fantastic’ comes next. The single is already a crowd favourite and is the standout track from the album. ¬†Another love ballad, Dizzle serenades another lovely African Queen who he has fallen head over heels for. “Your love dey kill malaria, I want to dey your area” he sings. “Tell your mama say, tell your papa say | Somebody dey for you ooo.” That babe is too fine, Fantastic!
“Feelings” comes next on ‘Finding Me’, the first slight deviation from the mild tempo of track #2 and #3. A more upbeat single, ‘Feelings’ deals with catching emotions and dealing with them. You wouldn’t be surprised to learn another saucy babe features very prominently in the storyline to this one as well.
We go back to the heady days of ‘Alright’, although remaining on theme, with track #5 ‘My Koko’. A ragga-esque number, ‘My Koko’ talks about the variety in life and why there’s nothing wrong with making one particular choice over another. “I like Tuo Zaafi, no disrespect to fried rice. | Give me some bread and butter, baby give me some sugar inside…”
The love theme continues on the final single, which fittingly introduces the album’s first Ga title – ‘Ma Sha Bo’ (to wit, “I will pull you”). Kay Dizzle once again pledges his undying love to his sweetheart, promising their love would take them to the end of the world and back. “Girl I don’t know why you loving me so good”, he croons “And I promise I go dey with you forever.| Girl we go fly so high, you and I, you and I” A real heart clencher.
A not too lengthy, six track album, ‘Finding Me’ tells a simple story of love and optimism, and does so in an engrossing way. The songs all build on the last, remaining on theme throughout. The tunes are catchy without sacrificing soulful beats and meaningful lyrics, and the arrangement makes it not so jarring when the genre slightly tilts.
The launch is on Thursday, November 30th at the ‘Roots and Soul lounge’ at King Solomon, Dansoman. The event starts at 7pm and is free. You wouldn’t want to miss it.


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