Ghanaian Actors And Actresses Are Hungry, They Find It Difficult To Feed Themselves And Families–Kwaku Manu

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You do not need a rocket scientist to tell you that there are no jobs for Ghanaian actors and actresses since the influx of telenovelas in the country.
Some months ago, organizer of the dumsor vigil, Yvonne Nelson attempted to organize a demonstration to petition the President to ban the telecast of telenovelas in the country but did not see the light of day.
People close to these actors and actresses can testify that life has really been difficult for them with some not even being able to pay bills not to talk about maintaining their extravagant and ‘high class’ living.

Most of the actresses now live on the benevolence of rich pot-bellied men referred to as ‘Big men’ who sponsor their travels, expensive clothes, bills and fueling of their cars in return for s*xual bouts.
It was reported some few days ago by that some actors now rent out their cars and patronize the services of uber due to their inability to buy fuel.
In the nutshell, life has been really hard for some of our movie stars undoubtedly.
Well, kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has also confirmed it indicating that his colleagues are jobless and hungry and are unable to feed themselves and families.
“Even though they fail to accept the fact that the movie industry is collapsing, now they can see the reality of it because they are now hungry,” he said.
He, however, did not mention the names of actresses and actors who are currently facing the severe hardship. Kwaku Manu added that Ghanaians should not be excited when they see some movie stars travelling to go live abroad. According to him, most of his colleagues have devised that strategy as a way to swerve the hardship they are going through in Ghana, states a mynewsgh report.
“When you see them leaving Ghana, it is not because they desire to live abroad. They go to live with friends and families there because of the poor financial situation they face here in Ghana,” Kwaku Manu revealed.

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