(Video) Kuami Eugene Shares The Secret Behind His Successful Music Career

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It is often said that you give up on your dreams at your own peril. If Mark Zuckerberg had sold Facebook as advised by his friends, he would have regretted and been a fool by now. Now he is counted among the richest men in the world all because he stood firm and never gave up on his dreams.
The same case is the interesting story of Lynx Entertainment recording artiste Kuami Eugene. He has shared a detailed account of how he made it into the highly competitive Ghanaian music industry amidst the struggles and hustle.

Even though he was mocked, discouraged and faced stiff opposition from most of his friends at Fadama, he never bothered because he knew he was going to make it someday.
“You just have to learn not to give up. I didn’t give up on my dream despite the numerous trouble I was facing. Today those people who told me I was disturbing their ears whenever I start rehearsing have now turned to be my fans. I give glory to God that I didn’t give up.” he revealed.
“To do music is a do and don’t… Music as a whole is actually different from any kind of dream. When you dream to become a musician, it’s either you do and do it well or you don’t start at all or it will waste your time. When you’re satisfied with your talent to do music then you begin to work on the business and be focused.
“I’ve been with many underground artistes, many of them have been underground for over 6years and are still trying to put things together paying hugely to producers to get hit songs done but it’s not happening. I made sacrifices for what I am today through the sudden rise was a surprise to me,” Kuami Eugene said on the 30Minitz show.
He thanked his cherished fans and Ghanaians for their massive support even though he is new in the industry.
Watch the interview;

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