I'm Not Gay, A Woman I Refused To Have S*x With Spread That Negative News–Chris Attoh

Any 21st-century man with all functioning senses faced with the ‘Joseph’ temptation of a naked curvaceous and pretty woman would probably fall prey to the unquenchable sexual desire of that particular woman.
Being able to control the messages sent from what the eyes have seen, with a faster speed of light to the brains and finally processing it–passing through the spinal cord to the waist and still get the balls to resist the temptation, then most people would conclude that either that man is a gay or a castrated bulldog.

This is the story of actor Chris Ato who some time ago was labelled as gay. There wasn’t any concrete evidence to substantiate the allegations even though it made waves in the media. Chris has without mincing words detailed the incident that led to his gay allegations on Accra-based Angel TV.
Chris stated that those claims were baseless and concocted story made by a woman he refused to have sex with. According to him, it all happened some years ago at the National Theatre-Accra where he was a host of a show on that fateful evening. The actor said he was approached by an unknown woman after the show in the green room at the National Theatre where the woman tried to seduce him and even requested sex from him. But being a business minded guy refused to get down with her.
The woman who according to Chris, was wearing just a jacket with no clothing under swore to spread negative news about him that he is gay all because Chris refused to ‘touch’ her when she freely offered herself to him.
Chris Ato went on to say that, he wasn’t attractive to the woman because “it was not something that was attractive and well packaged”. He then asked the woman to wear her clothes and leave.
His gay allegations sprang up again after news broke about his divorce with his ex-wife Damilola Adegbite.


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