Opambour Set Free After A Fresh Confession From The Lady Who Accused Him Of Having Multiple Abortions With Her

The economic hardship in this country can make people do anything just for money. Most people even believe that with money you can manipulate people to do the unthinkable in their favour.
A lady named Comfort who made allegations against the founder of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre–Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom popularly known as Prophet One aka Opambour has made fresh confessions about her allegations.

 According to Comfort, she was bribed to make those allegations against the ‘man of God’. From her statement, she concocted the false story in order to extort money from Opambour of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre aka Prophet One.
Comfort added that she was paid by some people to ‘cook’ up that audio about Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom for money. But she could not give out the names of her accomplices to support her confessions.
Comfort revealed that the audio currently making waves in the media was put together three years ago by those who hired her but it has popped up again because the planners of the extortion did not get the needed amount of money from the ‘man of God’ as planned.
She also confessed that she has never had any s*xual affair with Opambour not to talk of having a child with him.
“All that happened was that some people planned it with me to do that to take money from Opambour because I was close to him,” she revealed.
Comfort as the Bible commands has apologized and Opambour has forgiven her, according to her. She has therefore asked Ghanaians not to pay attention to the audio making waves currently and to forgive her too.


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