I Play The 'Captain' Role During S*x–Joselyn Dumas

Talking about sex in Africa is sometimes seen as a taboo especially when it comes to parents educating their children on the subject. Unlike other parts of the world where it is seen as a very important subject of which every teenager should know before attempting.
It is recently that people become bold to discuss it. Whenever the subject of sex is raised people hypocritically become uncomfortable and shun the subject even though they are practising it. You can even see the hypocrisy on the face of most celebrities when they are been hit with questions about their sex life in interviews.

Mostly, they smile and try to dodge the question and it takes a good host to further push them to the ‘wall’ for the needed answers.
However, Ghana’s most curvaceous actress and TV personality, Joselyn Dumas has joined the few bold celebrities to disclose their sexual fantasies to the general public.
Joselyn Dumas on her TV show dubbed “Keeping It Real with Joselyn Dumas” been telecast on GhOneTV, has made a revelation on how she takes charge during sexual intercourse. “I’m always in charge when having sex”, she said.
In other words, she plays the ‘captain’ role during sexual intercourse. Two of her friends with her on this show also acknowledged that they also take charge during their sexual escapades.
One can easily say that the men bonking these curvaceous and pretty ladies are lucky simply because they do not perform any tedious and wild sexual moves.
On another hand, one can also have an opinion that maybe their men are old pot-bellied men with exhausted energies who can’t perform better during sexual intercourse leaving them with no option than to be in charge during sex.
The show is a purely a lifestyle program where Joselyn and her friends discuss issues of relationships, sex and the likes.


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