(Watch Video) The Awkward Moment When Shatta Wale Unveiled The 'Animal' In Him By Slapping His Bodyguard For Allowing A Fan To Climb On Stage–S-Concert Brouhaha

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It is really not surprising for Shatta Wale who with a gun fired six times in the air all because he was beefing an artiste not in Ghana but in Nigeria–that’s absurd, to slap his own bodyguard for allowing a fan on stage during his performance.
Shatta Wale recently has been too radical and aggressive and someone can have an opinion that he is under the influence of some hard drugs–specifically (weed or Indian hemp) in that regard.

It is really unethical to slap a bodyguard who is responsible for your safety both on and off stage. If Shatta Wale who has attributed his musical success to his fans can slap his bodyguard just because he mistakenly allowed a fan on stage, then that tells you the kind of human being he is.
Watch the video of how he slapped his bodyguard during his performance at yesterday’s S-concert by EIB.

Samuel-Clement, GC Senior Staff Writer
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