(Photos) Yolo Star Fella Makafui Acts With Nigeria's Mercy Johnson In A New Movie

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The question most people ask is where are the Yolo stars? The only Yolo star we can point to when such a question is asked is no other but Fella Makafui. She has stayed relevant ever since YOLO–the popular TV series ended. She has featured in music videos and also started a liquor business.
Even though the rest are nowhere to be found but Fella has managed to stay as a celebrity.
It is reported that Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson is in Ghana to shoot a new movie–“Once Upon A Family”, and Fella Makafui happens to be one of the cast for the movie.

We do not have enough details about the new movie but judging from the smiley face of Fella indicates her joy of seeing and working with Mercy Johnson.
Here are some photos of them working together.
It’s gonna be a must watched movie, trust me!

“Once Upon A Family”, Its gonna be a nice movie.

That smile.

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