Slapping Is What We 'Chop' At SM So I Won't Apologize For Giving My Bodyguard A Dirty Slap–Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has really turned into a monster, from unnecessary beefing with artistes, firing of gunshots in the air and slapping of his bodyguard for allowing a fan to climb the stage during his performance at the S-concert 2017.
I am of the view that he seriously needs the services of an adviser to advise him on some of his bad behaviours. Slapping the person in charge of your security both on and off stage isn’t cool at all and the bodyguard if he really means business should sue Shatta Wale for such an assault.

The loudmouthed artiste instead of soberly apologizing to his bodyguard has rather taken to Facebook to issue an unnecessary warning to the media not to attempt interviewing his ‘poor’ bodyguard on the issue.
A lot of people have lambasted him on social media about the issue but it seems not to go into his ears and keep defending that slapping is part of the SMcode and that the bodyguard named Biggie Sparta understands. Understands what? one may ask! Read what Shatta Wale posted on his Facebook page about the issue.

“Nobody should think of Interview for my bodyguard ..He wont even answer you ..He is loyal and he understands the SMCODE ..hey folks today i want you guys to know SHATTA MOVEMENT IS BEYOND MUSIC….Sort your lives out cuz am living mine in a grand style..Biggie Sparta too Loyal”…

It is really surprising and absurd to see almost all SM fans defending his primitive actions under his post. Instead of them to objectively telling him his faults, they are rather chanting SM4Life when he made that immature post.
Not condemning his actions and glorifying his mediocrity would make him repeat this same behaviour, this time around not to his bodyguard but to a fan. I’m even of the opinion that he should be invited by the police for interrogation on the matter.
According to Shatta Wale, the bodyguard would never grant an interview to any media house because he is very loyal and understands the codes of the SM fraternity.


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