(Photos) Meet The African Girl Who Is Even Darker Than Charcoal, She Has Been Called Burnt And Ugly Due To Her Extremely Dark Skin

The skin colour of Africans is generally dark and beautiful but due to low self-esteem and ignorance, most of our women tend to use bleaching creams to change the original colour of their skin into something lighter and fairer just to look beautiful even though we often say black is beautiful.
Those with darker skins are sometimes mocked and laughed at and even referred to as been ugly in most cases. This is the story extremely dark South Sudanese girl–Nyamal who has been mocked, called burnt and ugly due to her dark skin colour.

Undoubtedly, she is even darker than charcoal but it is beautiful too. She took to her Instagram page after receiving some hateful comments because of her extremely dark skin and posted;
“the number of times I’ve been called burnt, ugly and all sorts of mean things under my own pictures is ridiculous
If you don’t like my pictures or have nothing nice to say simply scroll past  I don’t force my pictures on anyone  Stay blessed”.?
Use your time to spread love not hate ?”.
Check out her photos and you’ll love them.


Wow! She is indeed beautiful!

Natural beauty without makeup.

Even the Whites appreciate her skin colour, beautiful!

Self-love, selfie time.

Beautiful African queen.


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